Finding the Perfect Uses for Marble Slab in Toronto

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If you are wondering what to do with a marble slab in Toronto, there are many ways to use this popular natural stone. Finding the perfect uses for marble slab in your Toronto home renovation project are only limited by your imagination!

Uses for Marble Slabs

Marble slabs are often used to add stately elegance and beauty to a fireplace. If you’re renovating your fireplace, using marble can help increase the value of your home while giving your room a gorgeous focal point. There are many different types of marble, each with its own stunning veining and patterns. There are many types of marble for home renovation projects, with the price varying depending on the rarity of the stone. Carrara marble and Creole marble are two types of marble available in Canada. You can find more exhaustive lists of the types of marble online.
You can also use marble slabs for the floor of your Toronto home. They make a majestic addition to your foyer and a decadent touch for a newly renovated bathroom. Keep your marble polished so it looks its best.

Smaller Marble Slab Projects in Toronto Homes

You can use a marble slab (or two) for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. By using a slab instead of tiles, you get a smooth design that really lets the marble’s natural pattern shine. If you prefer tiles, you can choose a slab and have a fabricator cut the tiles for you. This lets you pick the best size for your space and keeps the pattern of the marble, since different slabs can have a different look.
Marble is also an increasingly popular choice for furniture. It can be made into heirloom-quality decorative benches, stools, tabletops, bar tops, columns, mantels, and other furniture and decorative pieces. Marble adds an elegant touch to any piece of furniture—although you may want to have a friend help you rearrange the furniture since marble can be heavy.

Take it Outside

Marble is a great addition to any garden since its natural beauty can enhance your yard. You can use it to help decorate pathways, benches, and even tables.

Keeping Marble Clean

It’s easy to keep your marble slab countertops and floors clean. Be sure that your marble is sealed regularly with any of the marble sealants available on the market, as this will allow your marble to hold the pattern you love for longer. Regular maintenance is important—just a quick wipe with a damp, microfiber cloth should clean it without streaking.
Always remember that marble shouldn’t air dry. It can develop water spots that will impair the beauty of the pattern.
If your marble countertop needs a serious cleaning, find a pH-neutral dishwashing liquid (check the label) and simply use warm water. Rinse it to ensure that the mixture hasn’t left a soapy residue and wipe the surface so it’s completely dry.
The best way to avoid stains is to immediately blot the area. Soda, oranges, wine, and other acidic drinks and foods can actually etch and pit your marble, causing permanent damage. Blot the spill right away and dry the area.
If you have a stain that just won’t come off, try one of the marble cleaners on the market. If that doesn’t work, there are trained professionals who specialize in cleaning marble. Search online to find one near you.
Finding the perfect uses for marble slab enhances both the beauty and value of your Toronto home.